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EduBirdie is a typical writing service. The website serves as a platform that connects students to academic writers who can help in writing a paper.  The companies that offer these services are many, and for this reason, we have to choose the one that stands out as the best. We took our time to review the page by the website and had several things to say about its features. We used a sample to test how they write a research paper.

A good impression is always worth the try. The design of the website at the top was perfect only to continue to appear worse as the designer was moving downwards. Indeed, there is a better way to organize this homepage to be more appealing to anyone trying to find someone who knows how to write a research paper.

Quality of Support

If you are looking for a paper writing service with a 24/7 live support, then you might be in the wrong place.  We searched or the live chat button to no avail only to find that under the contact us, they provide a support email and telephone number. We were not sure it was toll-free. We had to send them an email only to be told we shall get the feedback soon. For such a service, if you have entrusted someone to, “write my paper,” there is no waiting when the deadline for submission of essays is tight.

All About Prices

On the homepage, it clearly stated that it costs $18 for a page of an essay. If our thought was right, then a handful can afford such an amount. As good as any essay writing service, maybe, this is probably a little bit higher for a typical student who is stuck between assignments. There needs to be a better way of arriving at a reasonable price without puncturing a client’s pockets.

Writer and Product Quality

We thought most of the writers on the page were Professors and Doctors that was not the case. Many people out there know how to write a paper without these overrated titles, so do not be fooled in case you were wondering, “who will write my essay for me?” We received our assignment early and wanted to see whether the quality was any different from the other sites we reviewed as better at writing paper. To our surprise, we received some standard paper with everything just like some standard essay writing company. The writer has even forgotten to use the correct margins for the essay as instructed.

Services That EduBirdie Offers

Even though we managed to place an order, it was very hard to find the best essay writer for the paper. It was quite unrealistic that writers on the page had ratings above 95 percent. In our experience after 400 orders, it is not possible to maintain a 100 percent success rate. To us, this was questionable. If you decide to choose Edubirdie to help in writing a research paper, then it could take you forever to choose someone to handle your assignment.  

Discounts That Are Available

We were not sure whether this was real. There was no discount whatsoever on the page. Not even any kind of offer. The moment we chose the service, we were directed to “choose a writer” option. We were not happy about this. Even so, we still hired someone to handle our trial essay. 

Total Rating

We did our job reviewing this website and had multiple reservations about it. First, choosing the writer to “help me write my essay,” needs to be simple as ABC, the ratings were not realistic. We were not sure who our writer was since the writer use pseudonyms with overrated titles such as Professor and Doctor. The content was not that different from others. As far as we are concerned, this was a three-star. Anybody that needed help from someone to-write my essay– help with their essay will need to be sure they have taken a risk using Edubirdie.